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Providing a complete Policy Administration and Payment Solution via multiple platforms.

Ensuring a centralised, backed up, Data Store on which to run effective business operating processes, in the aim of helping to prevent fraud and theft and ensuring the Insurance Administrator and their Clients peace of mind. From effectively administering Insurance Policies to Managing Funeral Arrangements.

Web Based system allows anywhere anytime access from any web browser,including Mobile Devices
Remote Terminal Interface allows office-less operations via Sales Force in the Field -
datalookups, receipting and printing in the field
Debit Order Plug-in allows easy and efficient collection of monies as well as a unique auto receipting feature upon success of debit order
SMS Platform allows easy notifications to Single or Multiple recipients via Distribution Lists (pre-Paid Only)
Fraud & Theft Management
and Prevention
via an in-depth Audit Trailing Platform
Manage Day-to-Day tasks easily and effectively via easy to use GUI and video tutorials for each section
Dynamic system that will allow usage for most Insurance Administrators, Policy
Administrators and Underwriters
Custom Extensions can be applied to the existing framework
Unique PRPS Pricing Model Module extension enables almost any sized company
to enjoy the benefits of EasiPol without the huge cost
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